Mobile POS+

Conductiv MPOS+ is mobile sales, CRM, inventory, promotions, payments and more

Key Functionality:


  • Complete Mobile POS plus:  

    • - Retail CRM with purchase history & lifetime value
    • - eOrdering Drop Ship capability
    • - Multi-store Product and Inventory Management
    • - Personalized discounts and promotions based on   customer profile
    • - Bar code scanning and credit card swiping support
    • - Wireless receipt printing
    • - Emailing invoices and purchase orders
  • Integrate with other POS, ERP, and Accounting systems
  • Support for popular payment processors and gateways

Value Drivers:

  • Personalized shopper engagement on the sales floor
  • Immediate access to product and inventory data during the sales process
  • Better cross-selling and up-selling
  • Elimination of lines/queues
  • Faster checkout
  • Improvement in customer loyalty

Shoppers Benefits

Conductiv delivers a superior shopping experience unavailable on the internet. This means buying the right product at the right price and no checkout lines. Customers leave happy & loyal.

Unlimited Selection:

Access to the complete product line of supported brands right in the store.

Mobile Payment Support:

Pay with your credit card or stored payment right on the retail floor.

Personalized Services:

Ability to facilitate tailored promotions, preferences, and service.

Best of Both Worlds:

The ease and selection of online shopping with the assistance of helpful, knowledgeable sales people.